The horse of Jenin

A solo comedy performance about survival and freedom 

Troupe Courage / Alaa Shehada 

Location: Podium Mozaïek


duration of the performance: 1 h

The horse is an Arabic symbol for freedom. This symbol keeps recurring in Alaa’s life. In his hometown in Palestine, there is a 5-metre-high statue of a horse made from the wreckage of bombed-out ambulances, cars and houses. This statue represents resistance and resilience. It is the pride of Jenin. When an Israeli bulldozer scoops and steals this statue, Alaa wonders: What happened to the horse? Has it been arrested? Will the horse now be part of a prisoner exchange? And did the horse tell about Alaa’s secrets? 

International acting collective Troupe Courage creates theatre about people’s ingenuity in their struggle to survive. Alaa is now in the Netherlands and it is more urgent than ever that he tells his survival story. From fragments of memories and humorous personal stories, Alaa creates a solo performance where imagination meets freedom. 


Alaa Shehada (born 1991) is an actor and comedian from Jenin (West Bank). In 2014, he graduated from ‘The Freedom Theatre’. Since Troupe Courage gave a workshop there in 2011, he immediately became a regular actor of the collective. Besides Troupe Courage, he works as a doctor clown for RedNoses International and is co-founder and director of ‘The Palestine Comedy Club’. He has appeared on stages around the world, from the US to Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia and has collaborated with renowned directors such as Amir Nizar Zubi, Mark Thomas and Di Trevis. In 2018, he received the award for best performance at the Palestinian National Theatre Festival, received an award at the International Festival of Liberal Theatre in Jordan and received the title of best screenwriter for “London Jenin” in 2019. 


Written and performed: Alaa Shehada | Directed: Katrien van Beurden en Thomas van Ouwerkerk Stand-Up comedy & script consultant: Sam Beale | Masks:  Den Durand | Music: Remy van Kesteren | Dramaturgy: Maarten Bos | Production support and business management: Monique Bos | Publicity: Sarah Milo | Campaign image: Dario&Misja photography | Special thanks to: Voordekunst, Jacqueline Kleijn, Hugo Keuzenkamp, Tjipke Bergsma, Nan van Houte, Lucas Hendricks