The Princesses

Your childhood doll knows all the secrets. And she is ready to spill it out! 

Wojciech Stachura 

Location: Plein Theater


duration of the performance: 1 h

„I was your princess. I know you had to leave me because, after all, you are an adult. But I remember every one of our secrets…” 

The Princesses is a play in which puppets abandoned by children have a voice. Until recently, they reigned supreme in the lives and imaginations of the children living in Amsterdam.  

Cast aside, still waiting for their children, the dolls tell the stories of their triumphs as well as the moments when they were abandoned.   

The dolls become a hard disk on which personal experiences are recorded – they take on individual characteristics when they become part of the children’s lives. Their transformation is influenced by culture, background, and family relationships. 

The puppets used in the project were mostly collected from local residents. The script was created based on interviews conducted with the donors. 

The performance consists of an installation and a puppet show. 


Wojciech Stachura (PL,1988): The puppet master, a man who pulls the strings, making the protagonist dance as there’s no tomorrow. In 2013 Wojciech graduated from National Academy of Dramatic Art, Department of Puppet Theatre Arts in Białystok, Poland. His interests lie in manually animating the still live objects, directing plays and performing. He has wide experience with working in a group, making impossible ideas possible with the collective force. He has performed internationally: France, Germany, Poland and soon in the Netherlands at the upcoming Fringe Festival in Amsterdam.