a theatrical social experiment about women’s suffering




Project Zahira | Dance Theater



duration of the performance:

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Project Zahira | Dance Theater creates socially involved performances with a mission to make the invisible visible and the unspoken talked about. Project Zahira is known for their emotionally raw theatrical dance productions.  

In the old ballet Le Sacre du Printemps (1913), a ‘virgin’ must die so that spring can come again. Zahira Mous and Ivana Berkhout explore the barbaric nature of killings of women in their dance theater duet The Rite; a death ritual.  

It is an interactive performance, possibly different each time. The Rite starts with the ending: the dance of death. Will you stop it? 

In addition to the performance, there will be a short after-talk between the makers and the audience. 


Artistic direction & concept: Zahira Mous   

Creation & performance: Ivana Berkhout & Zahira Mous & Rosalie van Wamel  

Dramaturgy: Marc Maris   

Musical composition: Matt Rudge

Partnering coach: Laisvie Andrea Ochoa Gaevska

Set design: Studio Florian Bart  

Costume design: meer-meer | Inez Meer  

Lighting design: Natasja Giebels 

Moderator after-talk: Geraldine Moodley  


Head technician De Brakke Grond: Erik Koletzki 

Sound technician: Niek Stronks  

Head set crew: Alexander ‘AJ’ Negron  

Set crew: Max Stoces  


Producer: Project Zahira 

Production preparation: Stef Heijnen-Bakker 

Production planning: Lieve de Boer  

Show production / stage manager: Emily Jo Haenny  

Production assistant: Kaley Chaibva 

PR: Project Zahira | Beau Zwierenberg  

Marketing preparation: moconcepts  


Marketing photography: Continuouss Visuals | Daniel Nicoletti  

Photography: Sjoerd Derine  


Supported by: Amsterdam Fund for the Arts; 

Healing Arts Foundation; BiLucid 


Made possible by: Amsterdam Fringe Festival; Vlaams Cultuurhuis De  

Brakke Grond Amsterdam; and makers’ house Het  

Motorblok Zaandam  


Special thanks to: Stichting KunstenDialoog; Geraldine Moodley;  and the  

Henny Jurriëns Studio