Through spaceless spaces 

Enter a labyrinthine dreamscape of ‘whirling worlds 




duration of the performance:

The girl wanders through the boundless expanse of the black sky; 

She sees a silhouette. 

But she cannot see if it’s nearby or far away.  

With every step she takes 

it seems to take on a different form, 

spitting new images, ever distorted.  

And as they get closer through infinite spaces,  

with or without time,  

is she as a mirage, 

and will they never find one another, 

only cancel each other out as yes and no. 

In this multidisciplinary performance, music, dance, and spoken word melodically intertwine. Travel by boat through dream visions of ‘whirling worlds’ unfolding from the quay. In these worlds, the relationship between meaning and image is constantly twisted. They look like mirages, yet they are undeniably real.  


Dancers – Lotte Teunissen, Jenny Hoenselaar, Sandra Roberts, Céline Kodjo

Storyteller – Caleb Macauley

Musicians – Daan Guelen, Lieke Akkermans 

Choreographer – Maxi Hill 

Photography and videography  – Carym Zidan, Trevor Schenkers 

Lantern figures: Berend Hoge, Yannick van den Ende 
Special thanks to : Julius Stahlie 

Created and directed by Elsemarijn Hijweege

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