Through spaceless spaces: somniloquies

Groping for a perception of being 


Location: Thomaskerk


duration of the performance: 40 min

There are reveries that slowly and drowsily, yet invasively, dispossess you of yourself, eclipsing your sight.  

Shadow-written in a sleepwalkers’ language, this narrative is a non-narrative, devoid of continuity or direction. It speaks of a life not lived, where — even though there were indications that suggested someone was there — no one was present.  

This performance is a polyphonic dialogue with non-identity, where various imageries metaphorically reveal the absence of what is ‘in sight’. Amongst a horizontal web, hybrid forms of expression transfigure and migrate through the space in which the audience resides, taking up various positions. Through moving multisensory sculptures, the bodies guide you, led by the voice of the narrator, through these spaceless spaces. 


IL Y A explores new ways of seeing. Drawing from diverse experiences and practices, we reimagine concepts by moving away from binary thinking towards a more eclectic view of reality, through embracing the diverse forms that exist within each phenomenon.  

We explore different ways of becoming through a variety of languages. Our collective bodily language spans (afro) urban, contemporary, Capoeira, Bharatanatyam, animal flow to ballroom. Through both tangible (material and spatial) and intangible (sonic) performative formations, we investigate the discursive and non-discursive encounters that physical and virtual spaces can evoke. These experiential visualizations range from bodily material design, nomadic spatial/auditory installations, and experimental cinematography and prose. Through this collaboratively created symbolic language, we envision new realities. 


Dancers – Lotte Teunissen, Jenny van Hoenselaar, Sandra Roberts, Céline Kodjo
Storyteller – Caleb Macauley
Music installation – Bernie Hoge
Light installation – Yannick van den Ende
Performative fashion & set design – Orianna Santucci, Elsemarijn Hijweege
Written and directed by Elsemarijn Hijweege
Photography – Carym Zidan Residency ICK Amsterdam