When coffeecups and people meet, and together they search for what makes a ‘Home’ 

Ine Ubben



duration of the performance:

Performance artist Ine Ubben travelled between Belgium and the Czech Republic. En route she carried a coffee mug. It became a close companion. Together they searched for unexpected encounters. Now Ine wonders: ‘what makes a home’, ‘when do we feel at home’, ‘how can we come home to each other’? In the theatre performance THUIS HOME DOMOV Ine brings these and many other questions to the stage, in conversation with her audience. A dialogue, with and without words, between people and things.  

While the coffee is brewing, Ine shares stories of coffee cups, people, memories and she invites her audience to join her. An intimate encounter that organically grows into enthusiastic and abundant play. Intimate, hilarious, moving, different every time. The audience about the performance: ‘When I will return home, an everyday coffee cup will never be the same. How wonderful, this poetry of everydayness.’ 


Concept and performance – Ine Ubben
Artistic coaching – Astrid Bossuyt, Marie van Praag, Janne de Bruin, Olga Zienbinska, Annelies van Hullebusch en Stef Geers
Photography and videography: Hans Stockmans
Supported by C-mine, Stad Genk, C-takt, De Veerman, Het Nieuwstedelijk, Performance- Art Space Cross Attick Prague