trying to get cozy in the dark dark void

A feverish longing for a blanket in the void 


Location: Likeminds Noord, Grote Zaal


duration of the performance: 1 h

Two beings exist in a green void. This void, a hideous expanse of nothingness, stretches infinitely in every direction, leaving them unsure if they occupy all of it or none of it at all. The boundaries of their being seem to blur, as they feel an overwhelming connection to all that was, all that is, and all that ever will be. Anything could happen because nothing ever will. In the void, danger is looming because nothing touches them. They are caught in a cruel dance, where their misery births a bizarre enjoyment. Stunned by possibility, grasped by fear and sparked by joy all at once, they are stretched to an extreme. A deep longing for coziness and comfort creeps in, culminating in a desperate quest for blankets. 

This physical and visual performance unveils an atmospheric exploration of emptiness. An emptiness reverberating from, around, and through the bodies of the performers. 


FADAT is a performance collective consisting of Dutch-Iranian siblings Manuel Groothuysen and Diane Mahín. After having finished their theoretical studies in social sciences and humanities, the duo started to collaborate during their studies at the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht. They artistically connect through their shared existential and absurdist view on reality, and on the ways in which humans are subjected to the manipulation of (non-)human entities. These ideas can be overwhelming and confronting, but if one manages to zoom out, potentially liberating and painfully funny. Diane and Manuel shape these concepts into audiovisual performative realities informed by human behaviour inside both fabricated and inevitable patterns. 


concept, creation, performance FADAT final direction Peter Vandemeulebroecke performance coaching Esther Snelder co-production ON_OFF_SPACE fueled by DE SINGEL with support of Janivo Stichting, Amarte fonds residency Het Huis Utrecht outside eye Michiel Vandevelde photography Ies Kaczmarek image Heleen Mineur