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A solo dance theatre performance with live set. UIT|EEN|VAL II makes dissociative behavior tangible 

Rosanna ter Steege & Yassine Belghanch

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UIT|EEN|VAL II aims to make dissociative behavior tangible and expresses what normally stays hidden. Being fragile and strong at same time, UIT|EEN|VAL II tries to tell the story of trauma and how the body can dissociate from emotions. The piece is challenging our conception of the body and psyche as working in sync, creating a performance in which they sent contradictory signals.

Maker and performer Rosanna ter Steege shares the stage with musician and producer Yassine Belghanch to unravel a world of uncertainty, playfulness, struggles, pride and conflict.

Based on the autobiographical work of ter Steege, the piece invites you into an unknown world of unrecognized feelings. Together with the viewer, it creates an intimate physical dialogue, in which dance and live set are woven into one another, creating a setting that speaks to the unconscious. 


Concept, choreography, performance: Rosanna ter Steege.
Music, sound, live set: Yassine Belghanch.
Coaching, dramaturgical advice: Nine Rab, ICK Artist Space.
Poster, Flyer: NOSY | Hanna Rab.
Trailer: Unframed Visuals.
Photos: Manoah Salampessy, Kim Doeleman, Continuouss Visuals | Daniël Nicoletti.
Registration: Unframed Visuals | Corneliu Ganea, Ranierifilm | William Ranieri.
Costume: Iris Woutera.
Sound Technician: Iwan van Wijk.
Light advice: Rodrigo Ribeiro.
Supported by and thanks to: 
Amsterdam Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Fonds Podiumkunsten, ICK Artist Space, Electropark Italy, Donaties via VoordeKunst, Fokke Meima & Elsbeth Wubbe, Vondelbunker, Fishing Quarter Museum – The Old Net Loft Brighton.
“And all that have supported by lovely sharings in all kind of ways.”