Ummm Yeah okay And?

Shrouded in fog, an audience becomes clouded in a conduit between nature, theatre, a nightclub 

Ryan O’Shea



duration of the performance:

I awoke one morning and the church outside my window was gone.  

I went to a rave and lost my surroundings.  

I saw the breath of a stag on a winter’s morning on a David Attenborough documentary.  

I saw a city disappear.  

Ummm Yeah Okay And… investigates performative ambivalence by shrouding an audience in theatrical fog. It attempts to actualise the feeling of having two or more thoughts at the same time. The performance will make the visible invisible and the invisible visible, providing a bizarre conduit between nature, a theatre and a nightclub. Guided by two personified smoke machines, the performance will take audiences through a series of clouded images from the poetic to the absurd, the real to the surreal, the spectacular to the banal. The minimal scenographic element of fog will be pushed to maximal effect paying homage to clowning, camp and to finding joy within the ordinary. 


Concept: Ryan O’Shea

Devised by: Andrea van der Kuil, Antti Uimonen, Ermis Christodoulou, Mar Esteban Martin , Ryan O’Shea

Performed by: Antti Uimonen, Mar Esteban Martin, Ryan O’Shea

Technician: Ermis Christodoulou

Design: Andrea van der Kuil

Music/Sound Design: Mar Esteban Martin

Supervision: Dr. Pavlos Kountouriotis

Dramaturgy: Bosse Provoost 

Photos by HOME OF PERFORMANCE PRACTiCES and Fenia Kotsopoulou