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A mute monologue in Google-Docs. A web of relations between voice, technology, memory and loss

Ari Teperberg

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I write on a blank document.  

You read.   

The soft rhythm of my typing connects us.  

Letter follows letter as I navigate wide across the internet and deep into my memory in search of forgotten stories, lost voices and inventions. 

A solo performance in a Google-Doc, amusedly and poignantly weaving an intricate web of relations between voice, identity, technology, memory and loss.  

  The departure point for this creation process was research into the invention of the telephone, and observations on its development history through different human-machine interaction systems in the neverending human quest to overcome distance. 

Parallel to that, a subculture of phone-hackers arose, discovering loop-holes in what was now the biggest machine in the world. They found each other by “misusing” the telephone, thus creating alternative, virtual encounter spaces, motivated primarily by pure curiosity, playfulness, loneliness and deep listening.