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a production with storytelling and puppetry about being stuck and finding the courage to break free 

Sanne van Dijk 

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A woman bathing, shriveled by the water, corroded by time. What is she holding on to? She dreams of the freedom to stray from the beaten path, free from norms and conventions. But how does she do that when adapting to the norm feels safe and comfortable? What can she do when life experiences and their consequences keep her imprisoned? There is more beneath the calm surface than you would initially suspect.  

VLOED is an intimate performance with storytelling and puppetry. Drawing from a well of personal stories, Sanne van Dijk creates a tragicomic production about being stuck and finding the courage to break free. Through themes such as boundaries and desire, and (budding) sexuality, she asks herself: why is it so scary to color outside the lines? And, who draws those lines in the first place? 


Concept & performance Sanne van DijkPuppets Sanne van Dijk and Cat SmitsDirector Cat SmitsDramaturgy Katja HiemingaMusic Boris van Bommel and Wim SellesLight design Esther LoveTechnician Jan SolProduction Sven GerretsGraphic design Maurits Claase and Chris KoehoornMarketing Chris ter Wolbeek

VLOED is a Studio SenS production, in collaboration with Pleintheater AmsterdamMade possible by Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Cat Smits Company