A wave of change, a flood of bewilderment 

MOSs Social Club 

Location: Vrij Paleis


duration of the performance: 30 min

We live in a World with a shortage of drinking Water. We invite you to dive into the stories that clean Water can tell. A journey along the known and unknown that is connected to your terrestrial existence, a trip to learn from them before you reach the t(r)ipping point.

This is how you enter the World of Waterzeggerij. An immersive installation, where performers generate the stories of the Waterpeople. Through various ways of predicting the future.

5 visions, 5 stories about 5 Waterpeoples. They do not see Water as a separate asset, but as part of themselves. The waves carry their stories, which came to the Earth from space and gave life to our planet. 


MOSs Social Club (MSC) is a collection of different Selves, a visual artist, an activist, a performer, food rescuer, forager, waterwizard, luchtfietser and a holobiont. A holobiont is an assemblage of different species that live in and around their host, together forming an ecological unit. By embracing this unity within the self, a world full of possibilities emerges, a multiverse of symbiosis and collaborations.
MSC is fascinated by surrealism, Science Fiction, Science Facts, science, Botany, Love, non-hierarchical organizational methods and permaculture. Through their artistic practice they want to reshape the story of known and unknown stories, reconsider our perspective on the world and listen to other voices. With these stories they claim meaningful intimate relationships with human and more-than-human beings.
MSC creates living systems, responding to time and errors that occur. Looking for ways to cope with the mess we find ourselves in, finding each other and speculating about alternative possible worlds. 


Lara Oostveen (Photographer) Mirte van den Bos, Gilleam Kriegsman, Ruben Planting, Kleopatra Vorria, Müge Yilmaz