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What happened to Mark?

Honestly, no idea. But we can always make something up. 

Search Party: Fer Rodil, Başak Layiç, Domenico Gemoli, Julia Vossen

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Five years ago, Mark turned the corner to buy cigarettes on his birthday and vanished into thin air. His friends formed a search party, probing every nook and cranny, but after three tireless years, Mark’s whereabouts remain an enigma. Maybe it’s time to move on.  

This show is a blend of interactive theatre and storytelling, where grief, laughter, and speculation intertwine. As an honorary member of the search team, you’ll bear witness to friends’ wild tales about Mark’s possible adventures.  

You’re invited to a journey through human experience of loss, the power of friendship, and the humor that surfaces in our darkest hours. Come along! Maybe together, we’ll finally discover what happened to Mark.