Winners Best of Fringe Awards 2023!!! 

Amsterdam Fringe Festival 2023 awards five prizes to the most promising performances! 

Dear Fringers, it’s over… We can’t believe it yet that this FANTASTIC edition of Amsterdam Fringe is over. We laughed, cried, hugged, watched, listened, spoke AND bubbled! 

On Sunday evening, September 17, we presented the Best of Fringe Awards during a vibrant award show! Twenty-six jury members, professionals from different corners of the performing world at home and abroad, chose this year’s winners and said the following about them: 


Best of Fringe Awards – 11 3 8 7 – Trevoga 

Trevoga mixes internet culture with dance and creates in 11 3 8 7 a dystopian virtual world that is correct in every detail. The performance is ominous and light at the same time. The jury praises Trevoga for both the strong visuals and the high quality of the dance. 11 3 8 7 is activist, funny, courageous, queer and Fringy. 

Best of Fringe Awards – The Rainbow Cinema – Vladlena Sandu 

The Rainbow Cinema is a catchy and honest performance. It is a personal, vulnerable story about prostitution, sexual violence and human trafficking. The heavy and vulnerable story stands in stark contrast to the sweet, pink decor. The jury is enthusiastic about the set design with film images by Sandu, the visual text and the acting of actress Ali Zijlstra. Sandu’s story has a message that everyone needs to hear. 

Best of Fringe Awards – WGF: An Honorific Show of Drag – Sassi Bois / Igor Alvarez Cugat 

An Honorific Show of Drag is philosophical, political, light and brutal. This drag performance shows that a lipsync show also has a place in the theater. The audience is made part of the club setting that the performer creates. During the performance you will love the performer more and more. In addition, An Honorific Show of Drag tells an important message about mental health and suicide in queer and trans communities, wrapped in a playful ode. 

International Bursary Award – DELUSIONAL I killed a man – Diana Salles 

 According to the jury, DELUSIONAL I killed a man is a moving performance. Performer Diana Salles shows both the happiness and challenges of transition with her aerial dance. Every movement is well thought out. The light, costumes, music and movement come together in a layered story about transformation and rebirth that touches you deep in your heart. 

Honorable Mention – Through Spaceless Spaces – ILYA 

The young performers encountered many obstacles during the creation process, but the result is authentic, refined and beautifully balanced. The jury is impressed by the way in which the performers connect with the architecture of the city. They see the potential of this project and hope it doesn’t end at Fringe. 


After the festival, the Best of Fringe winners are actively introduced to programmers of festivals, theaters and other possible performance venues. The winners can rely on the Fringe team’s large network. They also receive production support. The International Bursary winner will receive €3,000 to fund playing the show at Fringe Festivals abroad and will also receive support from the Fringe team. The Honorable Mention is a token of appreciation and support. 


We want to highlight not only these exceptional performances, but EVERYONE who was part of Fringe 2023! 

To all makers, performers, crew members, volunteers AND visitors: THANK YOU! 

We really did it: we broke out of our bubble and entered the Fringe together!